How to Close a Retail Store With a Store Closing Sale or Attract Crowds and Produce a Big Increase in Cash Flow With a High Impact Sales Promotion Event

Professional Store Closing and Retail Store Promotion Sales

G.A. Wright specializes in Professional Store Closing Sales that can sell all of the inventory and assets of a retail business quickly, safely and for more than can be obtained by selling as a going concern.  Retailers also refer to these sales as Going Out of Business Sales, Quitting Business Sales, Total Liquidations Sales, and Retirement Sales

We also provide High Impact Sales Promotion Services that are designed to attract crowds of customers and produce a big increase in sales volume for ongoing retail businesses.  These sales are called Overstock Liquidation Sales, Wall to Wall Sales, Emergency Sales, Clearance Sales and Fire Sales.

Sales are conducted by referring a Professional Consultant who acts as an independent contractor working directly for the retailer.  These Professional Retail Consultants are experts that can help plan and manage the execution of High Impact Sales Events or Store Closing Sales.

To determine if a Professional Sale makes sense for your retail store, it's generally helpful to receive more detailed information about G.A. Wright that can be sent via mail or email and will include Case Histories, Letters of Reference from past clients and an explanation of how we work with Retail Businesses.  To receive this information visit the Contact Us page of this website.